We’re happy to announce that WRO International is now offering the Extended Validation SSL Certification (EVSSL) at only RM 499 for the first year.

EVSSL is a Green Address Bar carrying Your Company Name at the Top of the Webpage

Any website with the EV (Extended Validity) SSL Certificate has gone through strict evaluation to achieve the green address carrying the company’s name at the top of the webpage. The green address bar means your online business is secure and that you’re the certified owner of the website, preventing copy-cats or fake websites from being created under your business’s name.

Improve Conversion Rates and Customer Confidence with Green Bar Assurance

Guarantee your customers’ peace of mind when conducting online transactions on your website. For this year and for 2015, we’re helping more local SME’s gain confidence in online business activities to boost their prestige, their business operations, and ultimately, their income!Here’s wishing you smoother online operations for a smoother year ahead!