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VMBOATNOODLE.com.my Website Design & Development Project’s Goals


VM Boat Noodle exists on a concept that came from the floating markets of Victory Monument, Bangkok, where the popular boat noodle dish was said to be served frequently to visitors and tourists at the market.  The VM Boat Noodle group wanted to expand and strengthen its unique image through an interactive website displaying its menu of various noodle dishes, newest items, discounts and promotions to keep them constantly connected with Boat Noodle lovers.

WRO International: “Thinking like our client’s customers.”


WRO International was pleased to work with VM Boat Noodle to bring to life the company’s intentions for their website, VMBoatnoodle.com.my. The VM Boat Noodle had an idea of what their web pages should look like, rustic themes, bold images, and clean lines displaying the richness of signature dishes.

WRO International went a step further, suggesting additional features and systems which could help the company improve its social media presence, also drawing up goals to improve search engine optimization (SEO) via creative content like a food blog. Leveraging on its experience in creating F&B-themed websites and E-commerce stores, WRO International recommended features based off VM Boat Noodle’s business model, customizing the platform to suit the business better.


WRO International’s Web Design & Development Solutions


WRO International created VMBoatnoodle.com.my within 3 weeks, using simple but useful features on a website that was stylized according to the client’s exact preferences. Features included a content management system and a blogging system, which enabled the VM Boat Noodle team to keep their own website updated with the latest information and promotions for customers. Social media links also opened the company’s channel of communication to customers via Facebook and other platforms.

Values & Impacts


The VM Boat Noodle group were not looking to manage a complex website with over-expensive features that would prove unnecessary for the company’s manpower. They wanted a professional-looking website that was easy to update, quick to setup, and visible enough to draw more potential customers from urban and city crowds.

The VM Boat Noodle group got the corporate website they wanted in less than a month, with all the features they needed which they could easily manage themselves on a daily basis, with an emphasis on a focus to grow the business consistently by enhancing this new and vibrant contact point with existing and future customers.


VMBOATNOODLE.com.my Is Integrated With Multiple Web-Based Systems



We built the content management system (CMS) for VMBOATNOODLE.com.my. The AIESEC team can easily manage and edit their website content according to their requirement.



With our user-friendly E-commerce system integrated into the website, the VMBoatNoodle Team can sell their popular products online that can be purchased with Credit Card and online banking.



We built the blogging system for VMBoatNoodle for the VM team to be able to share programme details, activities, educational news and articles easily.








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