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Unicom Event Marketing’s SEO Goal

Unicom Event Marketing is one of the leading events and exhibition agencies in the Southeast Asian market, first opening its doors in 2008 as a social enterprise organizing university events and fairs. Today, the company offers mobile and roving truck events alongside conventional event management services to high-profile clients. In 2014, Unicom Event Marketing recognized a need to boost their visibility and reinforce brand impact in the competitive events management industry by investing in a profitableand interactive online platform for business.

WRO International: “Creating online platforms that bring value and impact to the client’s business.”


Unicom Event Marketing hired WRO International to create their corporate website with one purpose: to acquire more inquiries and orders via the Internet. Unicom Marketing’s company vision was to become the top campus and youth marketing specialists in the region; and WRO International built an online platform for them to help fulfil this vision exactly. This online platform was equipped with web analytics and SEO-friendly content to position Unicom Marketing as the no. 1 business in roving truck events, communicating to the public the company’s current success in that area. The website was built to be scalable and strategic in acquiring more customers.

Challenges of Unicom Event Managements

Unicom Event Marketing’s competitors were ranking higher on Google search results and gained more web traffic and inquiries when online users searched for event managementcompanies. Unicom Event Marketing now faced a major decision: find a way to initiate more web traffic to their corporate website, or lose out to competitors in online inquiries and potential income.

WRO International’s SEO Solution:

In 3 weeks, WRO International launched, equipped with a content management system, a blogging system and web analytics to track web visitors, web page performance, and other useful data. WRO International helped Unicom Event Marketing achieve their goal in promoting their enterprise online, using search engine optimization (SEO) to place the website in the first page of Google results list with various key words. WRO International helped create nearly 50 additional web pages for Unicom Marketing, also integrating web ranking optimization software to achieve and maintain a strong Alexa ranking for their corporate website.


WRO International succeeded in creating a scalable, highly effective corporate website for Unicom Event Marketing to gain more users and inquiries online. Now armed with better visibility on search engines, Unicom Marketing had a sharp advantage over their competitors and were able to pull in more customers on a monthly basis. As the Unicom Event Marketing enterprise continued to extend its services, WRO International followed suit in scaling up the website with additional pages and SEO campaigns to maintain Unicom Event Marketing’s popularity online. is Integrated With Multiple Web-Based Systems:


We understand our client’s business model before we kick start the website design and development. We will integrate and customise suitable web-based systems to meet the client’s goals.



We built the content management system (CMS) for, allowing the Unicom Marketing’smanagement easily update and edit their website content whenever and however they want.



We built the blogging system for Unicom Event Marketing for their staff to be able to share images, videos, event updates and other contentacross multiple social media platforms.



We built the blogging system for LH Learning Group Sdn Bhd for the LHLG team to be able to share programme details, activities, educational news and articles easily.


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