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Nutrisanne Food Sdn Bhd is a Penang-based health foods manufacturer specializing in healthy noodles and snack foods. Established in 2012 in Bayan Lepas, the company has been producing healthy noodles and other products that are low in sugar, salt and calories to reach health conscious consumers.

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The Nutrisanne Food team hired WRO International to create a corporate website that would engage more traffic online and convert passive visitors into lasting clientele. WRO International worked closely with the Nutrisanne Food team to synchronize web content, layout and design, ultimately producing a compelling and user-friendly website, equipped with web analytics, SEO-friendly systems and web ranking optimization software to power the website’s rank, reputation and popularity on search engines.

WRO International’s Solution:

In 2 weeks, WRO International launched, equipped with a content management system, a blogging system and web analytics to upload and edit content from anywhere at any time, share blog posts across multiple platforms, track web visitors, web page performance, and other useful data. WRO International assisted the Nutrisanne Food to achieve their goal of promoting their consultancy services online, using search engine optimization (SEO) to make the website rank higher on Google search results lists using various keywords related to their business and services. Aside from SEO tools, the corporate website was integrated with web ranking optimization software to achieve and maintain a strong Alexa ranking.

Challenges of Nutrisanne Food

WRO International was instrumental in developing Nutrisanne’s corporate website. At every step in the development process, the client’s needs and requests were assessed to find the most desirable design, layout and copy.
In addition to creating and developing the website, the specially discounted package included WRO International’s copy-writing services, resulting in a newsletter content creation and products catalogue development.


WRO International succeeded in creating a scalable, highly effective corporate website for the Nutrisanne Food to gain more users and inquiries online. As the Nutrisanne grew and gained more diverse clients, they now had a profitable and reputable website which grew with their business; a website they could monitor and control at their own pace and a website which became part of their toolset to improving customer relationships as part of delivering their brand promise to customers. is Integrated With Multiple Web-Based Systems:


We understand our client’s business model before we kick start the website design and development. We will integrate and customise suitable web-based systems to meet the client’s goals.



We built the content management system (CMS) for, allowing Nutrisanne’s management to easily update and edit their website content whenever and however they want.



We built the blogging system for Nutrisanne for their staff to be able to share images, videos, updates and other content across multiple social media platforms.



We built the blogging system for LH Learning Group Sdn Bhd for the LHLG team to be able to share programme details, activities, educational news and articles easily.


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