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NASCA Synergy Website Design & Development Project’s Goals


Nasca Synergy has more than 15 years’ experience in developing water treatment and filtration media, civil, mechanical and electrical engineering works, construction, and industrial business activities like closed circuit televisions (CCTV), satellite master antenna televisions (SMATV), card access and intercom systems, alarm systems, lift access and car parking systems among others. Nasca Synergy engaged WRO International’s services to create its corporate website using a sophisticated, powerful interface tailored to Nasca Synergy’s business goals and objectives.

WRO International: “Thinking like our client’s customers.”


WRO International worked closely with Nasca Synergy to understand the company’s business model and to create a website that replicated its core values and delivered its intended message to the right audience consistently. Much attention and detail went into preparing and finalizing content for this corporate website. Several meetings with the management team helped WRO International to identify Nasca Synergy’s key products, services, and unique selling points that were published online.


WRO International’s Web Design & Development Solutions


WRO International developed a NascaSynergy.com, incorporating powerful features to ensure the website’s rank would be maintained among the top 10,000 websites in the country. Even after completion of the website, continued assistance and support was given to the client to ensure that the content management system, the additional features such as the SEO (search engine optimization) Lifetime plugin, and the overall website user experience was suited to Nasca Synergy’s preferences.

Values & Impacts


Nasca Synergy was keen for their corporate website to be developed as quickly as possible. Nasca Synergy’s management wanted a user interface that was as easy as possible to learn yet powerful and engaging enough to attract customers and retain high visibility online.

NascaSynergy.com was launched after 4 weeks of development. It was optimized to improve its Alexa ranking in Malaysia and the website appeared in the first page of Google search engine results through various key words. Guidance and additional instruction was given to put Nasca Synergy’s management in total control of their website through a content management system which enabled them to edit and upload their website content instantly, along with instructions on how to keep improving the website’s SEO score for better visibility and coverage.

NASCA Synergy Is Integrated With Multiple Web-Based Systems



We built the content management system (CMS) for NASCASYNERGY.com. The NASCA team can easily manage and edit their website content according to their requirement.



With our user-friendly E-commerce system integrated into the website, the NASCA Team can sell their popular products online that can be purchased with Credit Card and online banking.



We built the blogging system for NASCA SYNERGY Sdn Bhd for the NASCA team to be able to share programme details, activities, educational news and articles easily.








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