On behalf of Light House Learning Group, we would like to share outmost satisfaction with the service provided by WRO international Sdn. Bhd. They took great care towards understanding our company objective and how we are able to present it online. WRO did more then just create an awesome website, but also educated us on how we can make use of the online platform towards improving our business as an SME and a Social Enterprise. The service provided by WRO goes beyond our expectation, and we are happy to recommend WRO international Sdn. Bhd. to SME business owner.

Webster Ku

Lead Trainer & Head Coach, LH Learning Group Sdn Bhd


Increase in Online Visitors


Increase in Online Sales


Increase in SEO & Alexa Ranking

LHLG.com.my Website Design & Development Project’s Goals


Light House Learning Group is a Malaysia-based social enterprise that provides innovative student programmes to teach students better skills and attitudes to succeed personally and academically. In 2014, the group soon discovered an urgent need to build an online platform that could automate daily operations like (e.g. event scheduling or online booking), reach out to students and educators via the Web and ultimately, increase their visibility in the public and private education sector.

WRO International: “Thinking like our client’s customers.”

LH Learning Group chose WRO International’s services to create an interactive corporate website with the features of an E-commerce website. More than just programming and tech-support, WRO International installed web-based systems tailored to create a better user-experience for LH Learning Group’s customers. In line with its core value, WRO International didn’t just create a corporate website for LH Learning Group; it created a scalable online platform designed to increase the client’s sales conversion rate, increase sales, and simplify business operations.

WRO International’s Web Design & Development Solutions

Four weeks after the first meetings with LH Learning Group management, WRO International created www.LHLG.com.my, equipped with a trusted online payment gateway, a content management system, a blogging system and a shopping cart system. WRO International helped LH Learning Group to achieve its goal in promoting the enterprise online, using search engine optimization (SEO) to place the website in the first page of Google results list with certain selected key words.

Values & Impacts

WRO International succeeded in creating a scalable, functional corporate website for LH Learning Group which also functioned as their online store to market their DVDs and E-books. WRO International took the time to incorporate the client’s feedback along the development process, which resulted in a website that met the client’s high expectations.

Nearly a year later, WRO International exceeded those expectations when they upgrade the LHLG.com homepage, free of charge, after developing some newer, more effective coding methods.

“We only give clients the kind of websites that we ourselves would like to have: elegant, powerful and scalable,” says Daniel Dea, founder and CEO of WRO International.

“We realized the homepage wasn’t as attractive as it could be. So we suggested a new design to LH Learning Group, and when they were happy with it, we implemented it.”

LHLG.com.my is Integrated With Multiple Web-Based Systems

We understand our client’s business model before we kick start the website design and development. We will integrate and customise the suitable web-based systems to meet the client’s goals.


We built the content management system (CMS) for LHLG.com.my. The LHLG team can easily manage and edit their website content according to their requirement.



With our user-friendly E-commerce system integrated into the website, the LHLG Team can sell their most popular products online, such as DVD’s and E-books. Customers can purchase the products by checkout with PayPal, Credit Card (via PayPal) and online banking (via MOLPay).



We built the blogging system for LH Learning Group Sdn Bhd for the LHLG team to be able to share programme details, activities, educational news and articles easily.



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