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Human Capital Connection (HCC) is an online HR and recruitment platform that helps companies and employers identify potential candidates for job opportunities of various fields and capacities. Now serving more than 60high-profile clients representing some of the most successful brands in Southeast Asia, Human Capital Connection had an objective from the start to gear all efforts into powering its online platform to maximize online traffic and online customer engagement.

WRO International: “Creating online platforms that bring value and impact to the client’s business.”


Human Capital Connection assigned WRO International the role of Chief Technology Officer (CFO) to manage allIT-related operations and implement digital strategies that would maximise the company’s performance and profit. The strategies were diverse, but the goal was simple: build a high-ranking, SEO-friendly corporate website for HCC using relevant and useful content to search engines so that potential clients—employers and talents—could find the website quickly, register easily, and connect with others seamlessly. WRO International was tasked to build a website adapted to HCC’s business model and to the needs of its clientele.

WRO International’s Solution

In 2 weeks, WRO International launched, equipped with a content management system, a blogging system and web analytics which let the HCC team track web visitors, web page performance, and other useful data regarding the behaviour of their end-users. WRO International helped incorporate HCC’s corporate website with SEO-plugins that ensured the web content on the site was relevant and linked to search words commonly used on Google’s search engine. Several meetings between WRO International and HCC’s top management produced insights into the core services offered by HCC and how these services might be properly marketed via this online platform, the performance of which could be monitoredand analysed easily.

Challenges of Human Capital Connection

HCC’s success as a platform depended on how many clients it attracted monthly. If the website lacked web traffic or if it was practically invisible on search engines, then its credibility and business would suffer losses. HCC was faced with a decision: develop a website that was both expandable and popular on search engines or lose out to competitors in online inquiries and potential income.


WRO International succeeded in creating a scalable, highly effective corporate website for Human Capital Connection to improve online operations and gain more users and inquiries. Now with substantially better visibility online and with increased online inquiries, Human Capital Connection garnered more users in a shorter time. As Human Capital Connection extends its diverse list of clients, WRO International continues the role of CFO for HCC’s corporate website to maintain its popularity and profitability in collaboration with the HCC team. is Integrated With Multiple Web-Based Systems:

We understand our client’s business model before we kick start the website design and development. We will integrate and customise suitable web-based systems to meet the client’s goals.



We built the content management system (CMS) for, allowing the HCC’s management easily update and edit their website content whenever and however they want.



With our user-friendly E-commerce system integrated into the website, the LHLG Team can sell their most popular products online, such as DVD’s and E-books. Customers can purchase the products by checkout with PayPal, Credit Card (via PayPal) and online banking (via MOLPay).



We built the blogging system for Human Capital Connection for their staff to be able to share images, videos, event updates and other content across multiple social media platforms.


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