“WRO International’s web development service is professional; they are willing to listen to customer requests, and give customers the chance to participate in and give comments on the design process.”

Tay Boon Ping

General Manager, Fine Technics Engineering Works Sdn Bhd


Increase in Online Visitors


Increase in Online Sales


Increase in SEO & Alexa Ranking


SANDBRICKMACHINE.com Website Design & Development Project’s Goals


Fine Technics Engineering Works is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in the building materials industry in Malaysia, distributing brick-making machinery and components to more than 19 countries across Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Australia. Fine Technics wanted to excel in its after-sales customer service and needed a platform with which to engage with customers constantly and offer post-sales consultation to customers in the fastest way possible.

WRO International: “Thinking like our client’s customers.”


WRO International worked closely with Fine Technics Engineering to create a corporate website that engaged potential and existing customers through consistent customer-support.

Sandbrickmachine.com was thus created to fulfil this goal. Incorporating customized features like email marketing, search engine optimization and Google Analytic, WRO International enabled Fine Technics to connect with customers online seamlessly and at a more consistent pace. Understanding the specialized nature of Fine Technic’s services and products, WRO International took into consideration the concerns and feedback of the Fine Technics Engineering management at every stage of website development, implementing changes even after the website was completed to achieve the results that satisfied both WRO International and its client.


WRO International’s Web Design & Development Solutions


After one month and two weeks, WRO International launched SandBrickMachine.com, equipped with an email marketing system, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) lifetime plugin, Google analytic, an Alexa ranking optimization to power the backend of the website. Fine Technics Engineering management learnt the essentials of effectively managing their corporate website through a comprehensive web master tutorial.

Values & Impacts


Fine Technics did not want a static web page from which to display only machinery catalogues and company information; they wanted a platform of communication by which customers could receive consultation whenever they urgently needed it, all via the corporate website. The Fine Technics Engineering management wanted to be able to connect with customers via a user-friendly web platform, without needing formal IT skills and without relying constantly on tech support to update the website whenever they wanted to.

WRO International created a powerful, scalable website for Fine Technics Engineering, paying close attention to the client’s capabilities, preferences, and business needs in the development process. Using their new, interactive website, Fine Technics Engineering is able to manage and control customer relations on a local and global scale, retaining quality post-sales customer service empowered by web technology features chosen for them by WRO International, along with other features customized to serve Fine Technic Engineering’s customers, thus producing a website that prioritized its end-users and helped Fine Technics unlock the full potential of their online communications and their business.


SANDBRICKMACHINE.com Is Integrated With Multiple Web-Based Systems



We built the content management system (CMS) for SANDBRICKMACHINE.com. The FT team can easily manage and edit their website content according to their requirement.



With our user-friendly E-commerce system integrated into the website, the FT Engineering Work Team can sell their popular products online that can be purchased with Credit Card and online banking.



We built the blogging system for Fine Technics Engineering Work for the FT team to be able to share programme details, activities, educational news and articles easily.








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