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Coffeeland’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Goal:


Coffeeland Sdn Bhd is a leading manufacturing company of premium ice-blended coffee and beverage products in Asia, distributing unique blended beverages and pre-mixed coffee products since 1998. Knowing full-well the fierce competition in the local food-and-beverage industry, Coffeeland sought to gain more brand awareness and top its competitors in online searches for the most popular ice-blended drink products in the region.

WRO International: “We create highly responsive platforms for our customer’s customers.”


CoffeelandSdnBhd hired WRO International to design and develop a corporate website by which their customers could discover the latest products, promotions and sales, place pre-orders on favourite items and pay via secure online payment gateways. WRO International acquired the role of Coffeeland’s chief technology officer (CTO) to manage all IT-related tasks and strengthen their digital presence using long-term strategies for business growth. WRO International’s experience in F&B e-commerce platform development led to the creation of a sleek and responsive online platform for Coffeeland that would be easy and convenient toboth existing and new online shoppers.

Challenges of Coffeeland Search Engine Optimization


Despite Coffeeland’s longstanding presence in the industry, Coffeeland’s competitors were ranking higher on Google search results and gained more web traffic and inquiries as a result. Coffeeland was forced to find a way to turn its website in to a profit stream and a marketing tool to gain more customers, rather than continue investing time and money on a static web page with poor views and little results.

WRO International’s SEO Solution:


In 6 weeks, WRO International launched, equipped with a content management system, a blogging system, and an E-commerce systemwith well-known online payment gateways for online transactions. WRO International launched a strategic SEO campaign to position as no. 1 in the first page of Google results lists using various optimized keywords related to the business. As Coffeeland’s Chief Technology Officer, WRO International was responsible for maintaining the reputation and profitability of the website, ensuring that its Alexa rank was strong and its visibility remained high among Google searches for coffee and ice-blended beverage products.

SEO Results:

WRO International succeeded in creating a scalable, high-conversion rate website for Coffeeland that gained more online orders and online sales than ever before. Once non-existent on Google’s results pages, Coffeeland’s brand name was now appearing on the first pages of search engines results for coffee products and beverages, gaining more web traffic and more online orders leading to sales. Adhering to the company’s core promise of delivering value that extends to customer’s customers, WRO International successfully created a website that met the needs of Coffeeland’s customers, thus delivering Coffeeland’s brand promise to end-users across multiple platforms more consistently. is Integrated With Multiple Web-Based Systems


We understand our client’s business model before we kick start the website design and development. We will integrate and customise suitable web-based systems to meet the client’s goals.



We built the content management system (CMS) for, allowing Coffeeland’s team to easily update and edit website content whenever and however they want.



With our user-friendly E-commerce system integrated into the website, the Coffeeland team can sell their most popular products online that can be purchased with Credit Cards and online banking



We built the blogging system for Coffeeland for their staff to be able to share images, videos, event updates and other content across multiple social media platforms.


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