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BREASTWELLNESS Sdn Bhd Website Design & Development Project’s Goals


Breast Wellness is a licensed laser mammogram diagnostic centre that has provided breast-cancer detection services for women since 2008. After nearly six years in operation, Breast Wellness wanted an online platform from which to encourage more women to undergo breast scanning check-ups and increase awareness of Breast Wellness’s non-evasive and painless scanning treatments.

WRO International: “Thinking like our client’s customers.”


WRO International worked closely with Breast Wellness’s managing director in order to launch their corporate website as fast as possible. This was Breast Wellness’s first corporate website, so WRO International took great care in assessing the client’s overall intentions for the website, later recommending suitable systems and functions to get Breast Wellness on track to increasing their online visibility and promoting their cause to a wider audience.


WRO International’s Web Design & Development Solutions



WRO International thus created BreastWellness.com.my, a corporate website that contained multiple web pages of information on the treatments offered by the centre, yet maintained by a content management system through which the Breast Wellness management could easily and instantly update information on the website without having to consult WRO International on a regular basis.

WRO International later recommended an SEO (search engine optimization) Lifetime plugin, which would help the client’s website appear in the first page of Google search engine results through a variety of key words.

Values & Impacts


The Breast Wellness management had concerns similar to many clients creating their first corporate website: they did not want a website that was complex and time-consuming to manage, and they did not want to spend more time maintaining the website than they did in the crucial daily operations at the diagnostic centre. On top of that, Breast Wellness’s goal still remained: to increase awareness of their quick and painless treatments so that more women would be encouraged to visit their centre for check-ups.

BreastWellness.my was launched after 2 weeks of development. Close consultation with the Breast Wellness team throughout the 2 weeks resulted in a website with a simple and clear interface that highlighted the uniqueness of Breast Wellness’s services, its qualifications and achievements and the availability of treatment dates and times. BreastWellness.com.my’s SEO Lifetime Plugin enabled it to appear as the first website on the first page of Google search results using keywords like “breast scanning”, “painless”, “Petaling Jaya,” and several others.

BREASTWELLNESS.my Is Integrated With Multiple Web-Based Systems

















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